Training Recap – 12 Weeks to London Marathon

12 weeks to London Marathon

Only 12 weeks to London Marathon!

It’s been a big week – 10k race on Saturday followed by my first run into double digits for almost a year in preparation. And it’s been cold, so cold!

I’m not a huge fan of races. I always get twitchy and nervous. I know most folks do. I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others, namely the speedy runners.  It’s hard doing a race at training pace. My training pace is slow – 11 min miles. I’m a plodder. What was great was running with with folks from club and while we ran, we chatted which made the 4 laps pass by in no time and got a nice bit of bling at the end to show for it.

The 10 miler was good. I had some minor pain in my hip flexors by the time I finished which I ironed out once I got home using my trusty foam roller! It’s also an important reminder to keep up with the core and rolling on a daily basis which I have to admit I’ve been a little lax on this week. Make me run 20, 30 or 40 miles a week, fine. Make me do 15–30 mins of daily stretching, core, rolling, hard to maintain. I blame my very low boredom threshold. So while the running is going well, the other stuff, I need to get into a serious routine.



Training Recap – 12 weeks to London Marathon


SaturdayRunThrough 10k in Battersea Park done at training pace so about 11 min miles. Really enjoyable and a lovely bit of bling to show for it.


Sunday – did nothing.


Monday – 10.1 miles – took it slow, at planned pace; rolling and core


Tuesday – Went for a walk, rolling and core x 2


Wednesday – 5.1 miles, again at training pace. I realised on this run that I’m starting to feel stronger as a runner. Certainly 5 miles doesn’t seem nearly as far as it did a few weeks ago. Rolling and core.


Icy ponds in London this week

Thursday – short run of 3.1 miles and it was so cold, particularly with that lovely northerly wind which makes 0°C feel like -5°C. Lots of walking.


Friday – wandered about, core and rolling.


Total – 24.5 miles, slow and steady


How’s your week of running been?


(January 2017)



6 thoughts on “Training Recap – 12 Weeks to London Marathon

  1. That all sounds really good, Sophie. Very jealous of your miles! I am making steady progress – 2 miles on cross trainer, 2 miles on bike and 3 miles on treadmill today, all with no ill effects. Planning to venture outside for a trot on Monday, provided I don’t pick up another injury at the DPR dinner!

  2. Good blog, and a reminder to keep up the core work and foam rolling. 11 minute miles is faster than me (when converted to km)! It is time consuming getting the distances in slowly. I’m doing Brighton, so two weeks before London. Hope all continues to progress.

    1. Hi Peter, and thank you! How is your training going? And your sleep – have you managed to sort that? And yep, training, rolling etc is very time consuming but it will all be worth it. And I don’t know about you but it’s great as the miles start to build and what used to be tiring is now easy. Let me know how you get on!

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