Training Recap – 13 weeks to London Marathon

13 weeks to London Marathon

13 weeks to London Marathon and the miles are starting to build. My confidence is growing, slowly. I’m sticking to the plan and adding in extras to build up strength.

Most importantly, I got through the worst of runs. One of those where I doubt my confidence to run a mile, let alone the London Marathon. Only 4 miles but each step was an effort. On the plus side, I didn’t stop, I didn’t walk and I kept plodding at my planned pace. I’ve been running for long enough to know that shitty runs make the good runs oh so much sweeter!

My experience of running has changed this year. I’m running without listening to music and this is new for me. The only other times I’ve done this is on solo runs at night, when with other runners or at races where they don’t allow them for safety reasons. And I’ve learned a thing or two.

Runs pass more quickly and I’m better able to focus on breathing and how my body is feeling. I’ve discovered that my plodding feet don’t hit the ground in the same way. Instead, my right foot is on the ground just a fraction longer producing an oh so slight drag in my right leg. It’s not particularly noticeable but it is there. It goes a long way to explain why I’m so frigging injury prone.

This gives me something to work on. It will take some time and a lot of work so I’ll be keeping up with the core and stretching and rolling as well as the pilates classes. Good times!

I’m not saying I won’t listen to tunes on runs in the future, but for now I’m happy to hear my plodding feet as they hit the trails, footpaths and roads of London.

Training Recap – 13 weeks to London Marathon


As a welcome to the weekend, Friday night consisted of a sports massage.  For  those of you who haven’t had a sports massage before, they’re a little different to going on a spa day! It’s not something I can quite put into words. Maybe this will explain it –




Saturday – Ran a few miles before meeting my running buddy, Mary. Legs heavy and stayed that way for the duration. The run sucked but great to have Mary to help me along with the bulk of the 5.7 miles. Core and rolling.


Sunday – Core, rolling and extra exercises from the physio. Weather shitty so did very little else except for cleaning and popping out for some groceries.


Monday – 8.3 miles long slow run, cold and only a little rain. It felt pretty good and always a good sign if I go a little over the planned mileage – only 0.3 but means I’m not desperate to stop! At the end of it, my hip flexors were really not happy – something to continue to work on. Too tired to do core, rolling etc.


Tuesday – Core, rolling, pilates.


Wednesday – 4 miles, beautiful and chilly day and a run that really sucked.  Every step was an effort so I chose to ignore that screaming voice in my head that kept telling me to stop and continued with the plodding. I wasn’t any slower, it just sucked.  Core and rolling.


Thursday – 4.6 miles, another beautiful and chilly day with a slow but decent run.  This took less effort than the day before. Core and rolling.


Friday – Core, rolling and a wander about the park.


Total – 22.6 miles, slow and steady.


So how’s your week of running been?


(January 2017)


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