Training Recap – 15 weeks to London Marathon

15 weeks to London Marathon

15 weeks to London Marathon. The panic has subsided a little and my training has begun in earnest.

This week and the next month or so are about building a stronger running base.  My running has very much been on and off again over the last year, since I had to defer from the 2016 London Marathon. Life got in the way and I’d lost my mojo.

A few months ago I decided to get back into running – it’s been very much up and down but that’s the past, time to move on.  So with the help of lovely running folk who had fantastic advice on offer, I found that pesky mojo and have been holding onto it tightly ever since.

And I’ve got more time now to focus on the things I want to do, including becoming a stronger runner. So I’m slowly building up the miles, tweaking my diet and this week, I took a leap and went to my first ever pilates class. I hate the gym and the last class I remember doing is Zumba about 7 years ago. I think it’s because I have the boredom threshold of a 2 year old. Amazingly, I didn’t get bored and I’m hoping it will go some way to making me less injury prone.

I’ve also booked one race in the lead up to the marathon, more to follow and will update next week. Plus I’m aiming for parkrun once a month to test how strong I’m feeling.

So this is how it’s gone…..


Week 1 – Training recap

106 Days to go!


Saturday – short 2 miles in my local park on dirt and with a little mud. I’ve has some niggles in my hip and wanted to see how it was – all good! 10-15 mins core and rolling – OUCH!


New Year’s Day – nothing like starting the new year with parkrun. So off I went to my 5th ever parkrun and ran with Laura from my club who was doing the double, the only day of the year you can do two in one day. While she was doing 11 miles, I was doing a little over 3. We ran at an easy pace though I managed to beat my Christmas day time by almost a minute coming in at 31:12 – a good few minutes behind my PB but it’s early days. 10-15 mins of core and rolling.


Monday – rest day so went for a wander through my local park and then the core and rolling. And, I did my first ever proper plank after watching this – Transform your core in just 3 minutes (a day)! Signed up for a pilates class!


Tuesday – 5.3 mile run – took it slow and steady at a little under 11 min miles. While I’m not yet feeling strong, it was a comfortable run, I was relaxed and happy not to push. Followed by a mocha (though may have to cut down on these a little!) Core and rolling. First ever pilates class!


Wednesday – Rest day and feeling extremely lazy so a short wander and some more core and rolling.


Thursday – 5.7 miles run – slow and steady with a few small hills thrown in for good measure. Core and rolling and a bit of wandering about locally.


Friday –  Rest day. A little more energetic than Wednesday so more wandering, core and rolling and working on planks!


Total – 16.1 miles – slow and steady


Are you training for a race? Link up your training recap!


(January 2017)


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