2017 Running Review

The people I've met

The 2017 running review – and what a year it’s been. I was going to do a ‘best of…’ and then realised it was impossible – too many moments, meetings, and races, to choose from – each unique and memorable in their own way.

So here are some of the highlights…


Panic training

Those moments. You know those moments where you realise what you’ve signed up for?

The first – When I realised I had the London Marathon to train for. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a plan. It was the fact that life had gotten in the way, and Parkrun on New Year’s Day felt like such a long way. Who knew?

And the second – Now this came post-London marathon after having a week or so of rest. I’d signed up to the Chiltern Challenge, a 50k, being held in July. I looked up training plans. Let’s just say there was a moment or two of meltdown. Then I got my shit together and started doing the miles, though through most of this process I did feel very much like this –


What have I done


Maybe it’s something about races.

This year I made myself do lots of races. Prior to this year I was always a quivering wreck before them. But now, while there can still be some nerves, they have settled down and I learned to trust in the training.

And there have been plenty of races –


The highs and lows

Running mirrors life. There are highs and lows, and it can shift in just a few steps.  This was certainly my experience at the Chiltern Challenge. Yep, nothing like a race where you end up in a sling!


Chiltern Challenge XNRG
I was in some pain! This was in between various yelps of pain and sobbing every time I tried to use my arm!


First ultra Chiltern Challenge XNRG


But with it came that moment, that weird emotion called ‘pride’ came popping up from nowhere. Look at this photo – I am in frigging agony but I had done it. Soon after this was taken, I was in the shower, sobbing again. Oh, the pain. I can laugh about it now!


Meeting fabulous new people

I’ve not long joined the realms of Twitter and Instagram. To be honest, I almost gave if the flick on about day two when I had to block someone. But I didn’t. While it seems for some, social media is a way to have a connection without having a connection (i.e. younger folk spending less time with friends etc), for me it’s very much been the opposite.

There’s something fab about meeting up with folks – so here’s to new friends! And this year I’ve had the excitement of being a Race Ambassador for Women’s Running UK, and a very happy member of the Racecheck crew #teamblack


The people I've met

And hanging out with dear friends

There’s no way I would have managed to keep running without my cub. It’s the social get togethers, it’s the races we do together, it’s the laughs we have.


DPR - 2017 Running Review



Need I say more…

Cake and picnics


And finally, the bling!

Now I do a fair amount of smaller races or races organised by clubs where there is no bling, there are no goody bags. I’m happy with this. But there is something also rather lovely about a bit of bling! Here are some of my favourites –


A selection of medals from racces


So here’s to a great 2017.

I’m already getting excited about 2018.


How has your year of running been?




8 thoughts on “2017 Running Review

  1. So many races! I’m not much of a running gal, more zumba and other cheesy forms of fitness, but I’m always in such awe of people who can run as much as you have. Well done!!!

    1. Thanks so much Lacey. This year I decided to do many more races than I’ve ever done to get used to them. Not only am I now much more relaxed, I strangely find them fun! and many more miles to go! Happy zumba!

  2. What a great year-end summary…I really enjoyed this recap, organized into different categories with the photo breakouts. I’ve really enjoyed following your blog and adventures – you’ve had a great racing season and very inspiring, especially to those of us struggling with back injuries. You pretty much know how my running year has been but onwards and upwards in 2018. Have a great Christmas…Cheers!!

    1. Thanks so much James, very much appreciated. And good to see that you’re slowly on the mend – I hope it goes much better for you in 2018. Have a fab Christmas and New Year’s!

  3. Running, friends, cakes and bling – a good year!
    I’ve had a pretty good year myself – recovered from an operation to come back up to marathon fitness and was proud of that. And will do the marathon I had to postpone because it was too close to the op in the spring – hooray! Then no autumn mara so I can concentrate on strength and speed.
    I am running a 10k next year which is Not Like Me, but I’m doing it with a friend who is just learning to run, so that will be OK, I’m sure (right? right?).
    Thank you for your great blog and happy running in 2018!

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