Training Recap – 3 Weeks to London Marathon

3 weeks to London Marathon
Marathon shoes! Half a size bigger than usual but are doing the trick on not damaging my toes!

So it’s 3 weeks to London Marathon. This week has been a great confidence builder as well as a reminder of why I run.

My running week starts Saturday.

I started the week by helping out at the beginners’ group. My club holds 2 x 8 week sessions a year for beginners. I get to meet some great people and we chat as we run.

And why do I go along?

I get a lot out of it. I meet great people and every now and again I get to run with someone who is convinced they will fail. But they never do – they keep going whatever their thoughts and the weather throws at them. It is amazing to watch confidence grow. And that confidence not only applies to running, but can seep into through into everyday life. It certainly did for me!

I then headed home, did very little and the rest of the day was carb loading in prep for the Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run – I was doing the 20.1 mile option. I’ve never tried carb loading before. I thought I might enjoy it. No, this was not the case. But needs must. The race itself went well. I was outside my planned pace by just a little. I then practiced refuelling after it. Again, not a huge fan as I’m not generally hungry after running. In go the protein and carbs followed by a much needed shower and a nap. Then it’s time for even more food…

You get to meet some lovely folks at races!

Sunday’s 20 miler was great for building my confidence. This was then shattered 2 days later when I tried to run again. I might have been expecting a little too much. Still, I’ve got a lot to learn and this is all part of it.

So folks, for those of you running the London Marathon, it’s very soon taper time and that time when all those doubts become magnified x 1,000. If my next few posts are full of maranoia (marathon + paranoia of losing all my fitness/getting ill/injury), you’ll know why.


In other news

I’ve signed up for the Ealing Half Marathon on 24 September. A huge thanks for the race organisers for giving me a place. This is a half that comes with a great reputation. While pretty new, it has won the best UK half marathon for 3 years running. Do sign up soon if you want to do it as it’s a popular race. And I’m really happy to be supporting it – not only is it cheaper than a number of London based races, it’s organised by a not for profit company meaning that any profits go back into the community. Great stuff!


Training recap


Saturday – 1 mile with the beginners’ group, core and rolling followed by carb loading


Sunday – early start with 20.1 miles at the Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run. By the time I got home, I gave up on getting any core or rolling done. When I’m that tired, I really can’t be arsed.


Monday – core and rolling


Tuesday – 5.1 miles. It was much tougher than expected but as a peep on twitter pointed out, I had only had 1 day off after a 20.1 mile race!


Wednesday – sports massage with physio. I would have liked to have gone for a run but figured it was more important not to push it and have another ‘tough’ run.


Thursday – 8.1 mile run. I was hoping to run a fair amount of this at marathon pace – a big fail. It was warm for London – 21c or so when I was running – and very sunny. It made me realise that if marathon day is anything above about 18c, I’m going to have to adjust my expectations a little. Good to know.


Friday – core and rolling, wandering about and carb loading in prep for Saturday’s long run.



Total – 34.4 miles



Have you tried carb-loading for races? Do you find it makes you feel blergh and/or helps?




And while you’re here

My #reasontorun the London Marathon


I’m running the London Marathon to support a wonderful organisation called Free to Run. You can read more about my #reasontorun here.

Please support – any amount gratefully received whether it’s £1 or $1 or £100 or $100. You can go to my JustGiving page here.





(March 2017)





8 thoughts on “Training Recap – 3 Weeks to London Marathon

  1. I equally don’t enjoy the carb loading. I force myself to eat when I don’t feel hungry and I just does not feel right. Additionally I cannot eat after running – I feel sick. So I just make sure I have a chocolate milk to hand to have straight after. It usually tides me over until I can eat again.

    Attempting the 20 miles again this weekend. Before starting the taper!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me. There’s definitely something weird about spending a day or two pretty much eating sugar and white pasta and white rice….. But on recovery, yep, choc milk is fab! If it’s going to take a while to get home, I’ll get a mocha. If closer, I’m now trying out some protein powders, the taste takes a little getting used to but seems to help. And wishing you a fab run this weekend – thankfully it will be a little cooler than it was yesterday! Let me know how you get on!

    1. You’ll be great! You just need to expect the nerves and the worries etc. And you will glare at anyone ill near you; and you will think walking or running anywhere is suddenly dangerous in a way it’s never been. I’m going to try distraction as my way of getting through it. The other thing is your legs are likely to feel twitchy – you’re used to running lots of miles, and then you’re not! It’s all part of the process. Have a fab marathon day!!!

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