Training Recap – 5 Weeks to London Marathon

5 weeks to London Marathon

This has been a week of irritations, mainly in my left calf and only 5 weeks to London Marathon.

After a short set of hill reps last Thursday, I felt a bit of an ache in my calf muscle. On Friday it hurt a little more. I tested it out on my long run on Saturday and it seemed fine – a few slight niggles but no pain as such. If there had been pain, I would have stopped.

Come Sunday and Monday, my calves felt tight so off to the physio I duly went. As suspected, I have either a slight tear or muscle strain between the soleus and the gastrocnemius. Grrr. I was told to use heat, roll, more heat.


Image result for soleus and gastrocnemius muscle


Thursday I went for a short 5k run. During it, the twinges were still there. After the run, my calf felt tight again. Looks like I’m going to be off for a few more days. With 5 weeks to go to London Marathon, this is not ideal timing. All I can do is to continue as instructed and hope it gets better. At least it will give me plenty of time for core work and rolling.


Training Recap – 5 weeks to London Marathon


Saturday – 17.8 miles with my fabulous running buddy Mary helping me along for the last 5 ½ miles.


Sunday – a little tired and sore from the run the day before. Core and rolling


Monday – calf was aching so decided to play safe and make a physio appointment. Core and rolling


Tuesday – core and rolling. Physio


Wednesday – core and rolling and using my hot water bottle on my calf


Thursday – tried a gentle 5k and my legs were feeling fresh after not having run for a few days. A few hours after the run, I could feel my calf muscles working overtime.


Friday – while I really really want to run, I need to focus on the bigger picture and get this minor injury sorted. So more heat, rolling and core and pilates.


Total – 20.9 miles


I’ll let you know how I get on and I hope if you’re training for any big spring races, that it’s going well!




4 thoughts on “Training Recap – 5 Weeks to London Marathon

  1. It’s hard to take time off, but this rest will serve you well. Your body is begging for a little rest, I know it’s hard :/ I’ve taken a couple weeks off training before and come back stronger! it’s amazing after you slip back into training, how everything seems like you never left.

    1. Thanks so much Gilly, and so true! That’s what I’m hoping. I’m keeping up the core work etc which should mean I don’t get too far behind! Happy running!

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