Training Recap – 6 weeks to London Marathon

6 weeks to London Marathon

With only 6 weeks to London Marathon, it’s been mixed when it comes to running. There have been highs and there have been lows. But it’s spring so I’m slowly getting over the winter blues.

However, on Sunday, things did not go to plan. I apologise now to anyone who came across a very grumpy runner swearing very loudly. That was a bad run that seemed to go on forever. I just couldn’t get it together. I can’t blame the gels as thankfully I didn’t have any issues with them – perhaps doing a fast run Thursday, sports massage Friday and Parkrun the day before wasn’t such a great idea.

The only thing that put a smile on my face was coming across the tail end of the march for International Women’s Day along Tower Bridge. However, that did coincide with a short and sharp downpour with some hail straight into my face so my face hurt to touch for about the next hour.

Just after being hit in the face with hail – was not happy!

But, as you’ll know from previous posts or if indeed you know me, I’m a little stubborn. Even though I did keep stopping and walking and felt bloody awful, I did the 16 miles with an added 0.1.

I got home and refuelled. I tried banana flavoured SiS Rego Rapid Recovery for the first time – definitely something I could get used to. And then I ate real food, a good mix of homemade baked beans with some veg sausages thrown in and some simple carbs in the way of basmati rice. I had a nap and woke up less grumpy than I usually do after a long run.

Now we come to Tuesday – good times. There’s something lovely about running along and changing the route so it’s possible to go up more hills. I’m the type of runner that often tries to skip hills – they hurt and I’m slow…but I felt strong.

And the other runs, I’m pretty pleased with them. I’ll keep working on nutrition and what I learned from the SiS event on nutrition and fuelling for marathons. I know I’ll still have good and bad runs, I just hope I have more of the good than the bad.


In other news


I got my place for London Marathon via a ballot at my running club. This means it’s not a charity place so there’s no obligation to raise money. Being in the UK, if you do London, the first question you’re often asked is who are you raising money for. This is the biggest day of the year for many fantastic charities so it seems a waste to not fundraise. But it’s more than that, running a marathon is a challenge and it is hard – what better way to get through it than to find an organisation doing fantastic work. The hardest is deciding which one.

So, I got my butt into gear and set up my JustGiving Page. I’m supporting Free to Run, a fab NGO that supports women into sport. I’ll write about this more in a post next week. In the meantime, I’d love your support – you can donate at


Training Recap – 6 weeks to London Marathon


Saturday – 3.1 miles at Parkrun, my 4th this year. I’m yet to beat my PB set in 2015 but I am over a minute faster than at the 1st of January. Core and rolling.


IWD march as it heads under Tower Bridge. It was a rather soggy day!

Sunday – 16.1 somewhat grumpy miles. I couldn’t get my pacing right. The only thing that put a smile on my face was coming across the Women’s March for International Women’s Day along Tower Bridge. However, that did coincide with a short and sharp downpour with some hail straight into my face for good measure. At least I had some lovely food already prepped for when I got home. Didn’t manage the core and rolling.


Monday – core and rolling


Tuesday – 9.3 miles at steady pace. I felt strong so hit some hills. Core and rolling


– 4.5 miles. I practiced race pace on this one. I just couldn’t get it together so much more work to be done. Core and rolling


Thursday –  3 miles with 6 hills repeats thrown in. I was tired after this one! Core and rolling done all the same.


Friday – core, rolling and pilates class.


Total – 36.0 miles


Are there races you’re training for? Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments box below.



(March 2017)


6 thoughts on “Training Recap – 6 weeks to London Marathon

  1. Well done. You are racking up the mileage. Should I be worried that I am usually around 20-25 miles for the week? I have 2x 4 mile runs, 2 spinning sessions and a Yoga class completed this week. Attempting a 8 mile run this evening, with a rest day tomorrow. Then on to North London Half Marathon on Sunday.

    1. Hi Gemma, thanks! The most important thing is to stick to your plan and stay injury free. Many folks will be doing 3 runs a week, with one of those being a long slow run. Others will be running 5 to 6 times a week and doing crazy miles! I’m certainly no expert but I do know the LSRs are the most critical – so perhaps a run of 18 to 20 miles – but make sure it’s 3 weeks or so before the marathon as you’ll then be going into tapering. Having said that, it’s important to not massively increase mileage in a week so rule of thumb is to increase by about 10%. I hope tonight goes well and enjoy the half – it’s a great way to practise what you’ll be doing on the day with pace, fuelling and hydration – let me know how you get on!

    1. Cheers Darren. Still very much learning ie. nutrition, getting the shoes right (after 17.8 miles today) etc – I love the fact I still have so much to learn! Happy running my friend!

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