Training Recap – 7 Weeks to London Marathon

7 weeks to london marathon

It’s only 7 weeks to London Marathon and it’s been a week of highs and lows.

My long run was slow and steady as planned and I ran part of the route. It did give me shivers  – not long to go now!

But then things got tricky. My run on Tuesday was awful – one of those runs that makes you question the point of it all and if I can really do this – the bad run. I know this is normal as the miles start to build and I’m running on tired legs.

My run the following day wasn’t much better but what had changed was my thinking. My legs hurt but after 7 miles the day before and a tough pilates session, I wasn’t surprised and was able to be a little more sensible in how I responded.

Then Thursday, I got the kick I needed. Thanks to the Science in Sport team, I heard some great advice on nutrition and fuelling for training and the big day. I’ve shared this here.  Also included was a 5k at a speed much faster than I train at which showed me what I’d be capable of if I put the work in. And I got to meet Marcus who’s just completed Tokyo – do go check out his blog and instagram page @themarathonmarcus.

So onwards and upwards and here’s to 50 days until the London Marathon!


Training Recap – 7 weeks to London Marathon


Saturday – 16.3 miles slow and steady. Ran part of the marathon route – on the one hand it freaked me a little, on the other, it got me really excited. While the day was a little grim, it was perfect running conditions.


Sunday – core and rolling, walking


Monday – core and rolling, walking


Tuesday – 7 miles slow and steady. This was a ‘bad run’, one of those runs that makes you question your ability to run even a mile. Core and rolling and then pilates.

Roughly at the halfway point


Wednesday – 6.7 miles. While this run was on ‘lazy’ legs, I put it down to the accumulation of mileage and pilates the night before where we focused on legs. My headspace was entirely different for this one. Followed by core and rolling.


Thursday – 3.1 miles


Friday – walking, core and rolling and a sports massage. Good times!


Total – 33.1 miles



So are you training for a spring marathon? How’s your training been?


(March 2017)

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