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www.runningonfullblog.comSo about me … I’m a 40 something runner. I’m not fast but I get there in the end. Two marathons done, and my first 50k last year! 

And I’m really excited about this year with big plans taking shape! I’m particularly excited to be a Blogging Ambassador for the Reading Half in March and a pacer for the Hackney Half in May. And I’m back to conquer that 50k, hopefully not ending up with my arm in a sling by the end!


So where did it start for me … It was early 2012 with a runner beginner’s course. Since then, I’ve found an amazing group of people to run and chat with, done things I never thought were possible (run races – 10ks, cross country, 10 milers, 20 milers, 2 marathons, and a 50k ultra; enjoyed runs through rain, hail, shine and snow; marshaled), and helped other beginner runners. 


With this blog, I want to give an open and honest account of running. Sometimes it’s brilliant, other times it sucks. While I’ve gone for weeks with rubbish runs (when legs are heavy and there’s no zip in my stride), it’s worth it for those moments of joy and connection with the world and others. I’ve never regretted a run, no matter how many times I’ve had to walk or just felt plain awful.


I read books about running and I like to share recipes. My philosophy on food is simple and I thank Michael Pollan for the line – ‘Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.’ Something great to aspire to. And I do know sometimes it’s hard to find the time and the energy – picking up a pizza, curry or kebab can be the most tempting option. Most of the recipes are simple and can be adapted to taste, can be cooked in bulk and leftovers frozen – they’re all pretty quick, vegetarian and tasty.


Enjoy and let me know how you get on with running the roads and trails, wherever you might be, and the recipes.


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