Sweet Potato Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Sweet potato cake - the finished product

Ahh, sweet potato cake, what’s not to love. I love the humble sweet potato as you can see by the related recipes. But rarely is it used in sweet treats or desserts and this seems a real shame. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fibre as fully of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, most of the B vitamins and vitamin C. And they’re packed full of beta-carotene. […]

Tamarind Date Cake – One to Try!

Tamarind Date Cake

What is it about runners and cake? I was never much of a lover of cake but I have eaten more since I started running than I did in my entire life before running. Combine this with my fondness for trying out recipes that are simple but offer an interesting mix of flavours, here comes Tamarind Date Cake. This cake is surprisingly light and full of flavour. I got some […]

A Fab Snack for Runners – Fruity Flapjacks

Fruity flapjacks are tasty any time! These are simple, cheap, and quick to make with the possibility of endless variations. Try with other dried fruit and nuts? Or leave them out and dip in melted choc once they’ve cooled a little? So many choices. I made these for what should be called #runningclubcakefest2017 and they went down a treat. I managed to bring none home with me! Given them a […]

Time for a Celebration! Gin and Tonic Cake

gin and tonic cake

Really? Gin and tonic cake – good for you? Except of course it could make you slightly tipsy and put you on a bit of a sugar high… We all know the old tales that spirits are good for you if you’re ill. Now, we have moved somewhat away from that thinking, which in my mind is ‘probably’ a good thing. What did surprise me is that there are a number […]

Nutella and banana cake

Nutella and banana cake

Runners think a lot about food! And nutella and banana cake, it’s something to think about. Runners think about what’s good for pre-running, during running, post-running and those  times we’re doing other stuff. So when thinking about a cake to make for running folk after a relay race, I did a little research on great food for runners. It goes a little like this: Chocolate – According to Runners World […]

Black Tea Spring Rolls (With mango chutney dipping sauce)

When I was invited to a good friend’s leaving picnic, this recipe for Black Tea Spring Rolls jumped to mind. Baked spring rolls in crispy wrappers – my Saturday night special. Making mini rolls requires a bit more effort but the results are worth it

ANZAC Biscuits – A Great Post-Race Treat

    Ahhh…ANZAC Biscuits … the story goes that the mothers, wives and girlfriends of ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, WW1) would make these to send to the troops. They were good for shipping as they didn’t spoil. Little chance of them spoiling as they went down a treat post-race with friends from my running club – after a 10 mile race through mist and fog. These are […]