Post-Ultra Recovery

ultra recovery

A week ago I did my first ultra – a 50k in the Chilterns with Extreme Energy. There was joy, there were a few blisters, and there was some loud sobbing, but I finished! This brings me on to post-ultra recovery. I’ve found recovering from the 50k easier than the marathons I’ve done. OK, stairs were a little tricky to negotiate for a day or two but I haven’t felt […]

Ultra Training Diary: Running with Back Pain

running with back pain

Running with back pain is not fun. After a 4 mile run on Tuesday and 40 lunges, I decided it was time to do some squats. BIG MISTAKE. I felt my lower back tense as soon as I went into the squat. I stood up gently but knew my friendly L3 and L4 in the lumbar region of the lower back were giving me a lovely little reminder that they’re there. […]

6 Tips for Making Running Stick

6 tips for making running stick

Making running stick can be hard work. I can picture clearly showing up on a spring morning to a beginner’s course … for running. I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous – here were 40 or so people I’d never met. Included in our instructions, ‘when starting out, talk to someone while you’re running. If you can’t talk, then you’re running too fast.’ WHAT THE [insert expletive here] […]

Training Recap – 5 Weeks to London Marathon

5 weeks to London Marathon

This has been a week of irritations, mainly in my left calf and only 5 weeks to London Marathon. After a short set of hill reps last Thursday, I felt a bit of an ache in my calf muscle. On Friday it hurt a little more. I tested it out on my long run on Saturday and it seemed fine – a few slight niggles but no pain as such. […]

Training Recap – 11 weeks to London Marathon

11 Weeks to London marathon

With 11 weeks to London Marathon, I’m doing something a little different to avoid my endless rounds of injuries. I’m taking on the advice that seems sensible – exercises that your physio and all the running magazines tell you to do and you tend to ignore it because to be honest, it’s pretty bloody boring. Yes, I’m talking about core, rolling and general strengthening. I’m never going to be a […]

Good Times, Bad Times and a Picnic

Running in Knole Park

So running in Knole Park … Let’s start with the bad… Have you ever felt your body out of whack when you’re running? You know what I mean – legs are heavy and there’s no rhythm to your stride even after a few miles. Your diet is fine, you’ve slept well, stress levels are OK, but you feel like you’re wearing concrete boots.

Ever Heard of this One? …. Fat Pad Impingement

fat pad impingement

Fat pad impingement…what?!? It’s been hard to think about what to write when it comes to running over the last couple of weeks. Yep, I know, my blog is new. And starting it coincided with an injury I nor any other runner I know has ever heard of. It began 6 weeks ago. I was less than a mile into a run, going downhill and I tripped over a tree root. […]