Happy New Year

Blog - 2015

I’ve started the year off well. My second only parkrun, improving my time from mid-2012 by almost 8 minutes!  I’m not a fast runner and I certainly wasn’t when I started but I’m really happy to see how far I’ve come.

It’s not always been easy and none of it has come naturally never having been a runner up until a few years ago.

My goals for the year are to get a little more organised with running and do more races. I don’t really like races, but for me it is a great motivator.

So far for 2015, I’ve got quite a lot in store:

  • Jan – New Year’s day – Parkrun
  • Jan – Tadworth 10 – a 10 mile race with a mix on on-road and gravel;
  • March – Paddock Wood – a half marathon through the hop fields and orchards of Kent; and my first half marathon!
  • April – Rotterdam Marathon – my second. I know in a few months I’ll be thinking Why oh why did I sign up for another one.
  • May – Hackney Half – does what it says, it’s a half marathon.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

And I want to meet lots more people doing amazing stuff running – whether it’s doing ultras, seeing amazing places, achieving and exceeding their own personal goals, running just for the fun of it.

And for this bogs – lots more to share including tasty recipes!

So a very happy New Year!

(January 2015)

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