January Roundup: It’s been a busy month!

Running with the Racecheck crew

January Roundup: I have no list of New Year’s resolutions. It means there’s no list hidden that I pull out in 6 months time and then get to feel miserable about my utter failure to keep any of them. Instead, I have some broad goals for the year, to get PBs from 5 to 50k. Insane of me I’m sure.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to do a monthly roundup of the highs and the lows, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and to think about what I should be doing more or less of.

Here goes….




Jan training spreadsheet

Total Mileage for Jan 2018 – 96 miles


I colour code my runs.

Green = great run

Amber = so so, or bad start but got better

Red= utter shite.

You’ll note that how I felt a run went has little to do with times, but rather how it felt.

But there has been progress over the last year. On January 1 2017, Parkrun seemed a long way. This year I’m starting with a better base having kicked off with a double Parkrun and running from one to the other. But I need to build on this, and by quite a bit if I really want those PBs. You’ll note I don’t share my specific goals on time. It’s not that I’m secretive, I just think sharing can sometimes backfire (read more here).

My running month has been mixed. Like pretty much everyone else, I’ve had a few lurgies. Thankfully nothing major and certainly not the dreaded flu. But it’s resulted in a few days off to recuperate and a few runs that really sucked.

I did do the fabulous Tadworth 10. While a brilliant race that I plan to do again, there was nothing in my legs – perhaps pre-lurgy; perhaps hormones (I’m researching a post of this); or, just one of those days.


Stuff supporting my running

I’ve been crap on doing my core exercises and I can feel it. Once I hit about 8 miles on longer runs, I start collapsing into myself – it’s not a good look and it’s not comfortable. And by the end of the run I can feel those pesky hip flexors giving me grief. Something to work on.

The other thing I wanted to address is my weight. Weight will have a big influence on times so losing the odd pound here or there will benefit my running. This isn’t about being a skinny thing – that’s never going to happen. I’ve lost 2kgs kilos over the last month by tweaking my diet a little. Let’s see how it goes.



Other highlights

Scotland and Drink Baotic

I was lucky enough to go up to Scotland early in the New Year. There was rain and some running about. On my way back via Glasgow I met up with Isatou and Paul from Drink Baotic. Not only do they have a great product, but a portion of their profits go to support local communities in Africa. And also they’re lovely lovely people!

More to come on this.


Paul, me and Isatou
Paul, me and Isatou hanging out in Glasgow!


Last year I headed off to Epping Forest to do a promo for Racecheck. It involved filming. This was so far outside my comfort zone. I can’t tell you how many times I almost feigned an illness to get out of it!

It meant being front and centre rather than hiding in the background somewhere like I generally do in group photos. You might not think it if you’re a reader of this blog but I can’t tell you how self- conscious I am with all those selfies and obligatory photos of bling.

So, in January, the video was released – they did a great job with it. I do have to admit I laugh every time I see myself in it!



Do go check them out – a great site for reading reviews of races you’re thinking of doing; and for reviewing races!


Hackney Half Pacer meet-up

After a grim run earlier in the day, I headed to Northwest London to a meet and greet with the Hackney Half Pacer group at the Virgin offices. I’m pacing for the 2:20 group at the May race.

I didn’t know what to expect, and yet again I was walking into a room of folks I didn’t know. It was a fab evening – some briefing, drinks and food, and a friendly bunch – what’s not to love!

And apart from the race itself, I learned that there will be training runs for folks running Hackney and a chance to meet their pacers. This will be happening in February – details to follow!

And if you want to meet your pacer, here are some of the folks to look out for –


The huddle is greater than the hurdle as we like to say—we are so pleased to announce the official #VSHackney pacers for…

Posted by Virgin Sport on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The National Running Show

The National Running Show – had a great time and met up with lots of folks from Racecheck and many others. And I got to see myself on a poster which is a very weird experience.

The only disappointment of the weekend is Running On Full not being shortlisted in The Running Awards 2018. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and give a huge congratulations to all those bloggers who were shortlisted – I’ll see you on the night!


Sophie on Racecheck poster
It’s weird seeing yourself on a poster!


So here’s looking forward to the month ahead!



How has your January been?

6 thoughts on “January Roundup: It’s been a busy month!

  1. Oh no, I didn’t realise you were at the Running Show – I went on the Sunday and I would have fangirled at you if I’d known you were there, were there on the same day and didn’t have face-blindness. I did get to meet Lisa Jackson, which was amazing, and catch up with Ben the 401 Marathons man.

    I hear you on the core strength – my bad one is stretching. I even did a challenge with my friends and still didn’t do stretching every day. However, I’m doing the February Five challenge and have set myself to do five different stretches EVERY DAY so hopefully that will get me more flexible and pain free.

    I was thrilled to do 102 miles in Jan, my most ever, and still feel OK. 22 of them were in Cornwall, which is a prettier place to run than normal …

    Have a great Feb!

    1. Thanks Liz! I spent most of my time with Racecheck as well as meeting lots of other fab folks. And sorry I missed you as well.

      And that core/stretching stuff is so dull but must get better in Feb. Wishing you well with managing every day – I need to do the same.

      And well done on the miles – that’s brilliant! You have a great Feb as well!

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