On waiting for the London Marathon Ballot Results

London Marathon Ballot

WARNING: This is a very silly post. A couple hundred thousand of us are anxiously awaiting the outcomes of the London Marathon Ballot Results.

As I write this, folks on social media are sharing their news – You’re in!… or …. Sorry! For me, it wasn’t in today’s post.

I’m waiting …. impatiently. Whoever said patience is a virtue…well, it’s not one of mine.


[Update 5 October 2017: So the email said no. Now I have the joys of my running club ballot so I’ve got a couple more months of this though I suspect I won’t be so manic about the whole thing.]


On how I might respond to the London Marathon Ballot Results


You’re in…


 screaming terror panic chaos GIF


 panic chaos the muppets freak out freakout GIF


 reaction happy excited awesome yay GIF




 cartoons & comics annoyed facepalm muppets annoying GIF


 muppets the muppets miss piggy GIF


 frustrated the muppets kermit kermit the frog GIF




On a more serious note, for those that are in, a huge congratulations. It is such an amazing day – I get goosebumps just thinking about it. And if I don’t get a place, I’ll still be there, marshaling and cheering you all on.


Happy running folks!

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