Welcome 2017 and Marathon Training Begins

starting marathon training

Sixteen weeks to go to Virgin London Marathon 2017 and I’m starting marathon training. Shit. Shit. Oh shit!



Base Miles

2016 was by no means a good year in building strong miles – work stress, life stress, catching everything going around and injuries.

On the good side, having lost my mojo, I found it again with the help of my running buddies. While mojo is still lurking about, my fitness has taken a dive. It’s been a huge year – making the decision to bring my current career to an end, family stuff and spending a fair amount of time being a stressed out miserable git.

On the upside, I have left 2016 feeling more positive about what the future holds than ever before. Feeling good!


Welcome 2017 and starting marathon training

I enter 2017 with high hopes and a good sense of panic given my current state of unfitness when I think about only 16 weeks to go to the London Marathon.

I have a training plan – starting from a base of about 15 miles a week up to a max of 38 with a build up of long runs to 20 miles.  And running weeks start on a Saturday which I great because the long run is done with but the time you need to make up any miles. But I need to do more than just the miles. I have 5 other ambitions in the months ahead.


1. Diet

My diet hasn’t been awful thought I have to admit there has been a little too much in the way of wine and crisps in 2016. Time to make a few tweaks and eat the stuff that gives me energy, though I’m sure along the way there will be a serving or two of Gin and Tonic Cake!


2. Races/Parkrun

I’m not a speedy runner. I have a fear of races. But, I know I get a huge push out of them. It’s time to do some signing up and schedule in a Parkrun once a month to see how I’m going on pace and get used to running with more than just a few other folks.


3. Building strength and resilience

It’s time to get my butt in gear and be consistent with core exercises, rolling and regular sports massages – I have a bad back with the same disc slipping twice and ongoing facet joint issues; and I’m ridiculously injury prone. I’m even planning a pilates class or two and might try spinning.  The challenge is while I’m happy to run and love the sports massages (there’s a masochist in me I know), I hate classes, core exercises are boring and rolling HURTS!  Then again I never thought I’d learn to love running so I’ll give it a shot.


4. Sleep

Sleep has been a little hit and miss in 2016 so here’s time to decreasing the caffeine (only a little….), cutting down on screen time and getting to bed earlier.


5. Enjoy

Last but by no means least – my ambition is to enjoy the journey. I can take myself way too seriously. It’s time to chill and have some fun!



I’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, happy trails!


(January 2017)


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2017 and Marathon Training Begins

  1. Good luck, I’m training for Brighton, so also in panic mode. I desperately need to sleep more, and have made a decent start during Christmas and New Year. Cutting out the booze for the moment and upping the training.

    All the best with the running!

    1. Thanks Peter, much appreciated. Is this a first or one of many for you? And I wish you well with the training, reducing the panic (I’m getting there slowly…) and getting more sleep! Cheers and all the best with your running as well! Enjoy Brighton! Let me know how you get on.

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