Training Recap – Two Days Before London Marathon

99% that start the London Marathon will finish. Martin Yelling at Expo.

While I’m no longer having dreams about showing up late and completely frazzled to the start line of the London Marathon, the excitement/ nervousness has upped. Nothing like going to the Expo for a little anxiety inducement!

But the excitement of Expo was upped by getting to meet some more twitter folks Continue reading “Training Recap – Two Days Before London Marathon”

London Marathon 2017 – Not Long Now

Nervous, excited, filled with trepidation – this is how I’m feeling with only a few days to go until the London Marathon 2017 as you can see from the photo!

I’ve been a little reflective of the last few days about how far I’ve come in training.

The long runs, the races, and the added miles throughout the weeks have not always been easy. I started from a pretty poor base with Parkrun feeling difficult on 1 January.

Since then Continue reading “London Marathon 2017 – Not Long Now”

Training Recap – 1 week to London Marathon

Hoping to make up for the last time!!

The miles have been done and what will be on London Marathon day is what will be. A few more miles to do to keep my legs ticking over.


But the dreams. I’m not one for remembering dreams on the whole. This has been some crazy stuff.


Dream 1 – turn up at the start point in a panic as I’m late. I look down only to discover my kit is all wrong – wrong top, wrong shoes and no number. I have also forgotten my gels and jelly babies. I wake up in a panic wondering  why I haven’t got my gel belt on.


Dream 2 – We’re an hour into the race. The route bypasses through people’s homes which involves running up stairs and through narrow corridors. You could imagine how crowded that gets. It’s an hour in when I realise I’ve forgotten my gels. As part of the route runs through my running buddy’s flat, Continue reading “Training Recap – 1 week to London Marathon”

Advice for First Time London Marathon Runners

Almost there…..

London comes alive on the day of the marathon.

The excitement in the air is palpable. It brings out the best in runners, in the fantastic marshals and volunteers and organisers, and those 10s and 100s of thousands of members of the public that line the route. Bands are playing and some make a day of it with picnics, others with wine or beer in hand – it’s a day that brings out the best of everyone.  Continue reading “Advice for First Time London Marathon Runners”

Race Review – Grand Union Canal Half

With pizza and bling post-race, I’m now happy!

To celebrate 10 years of the Grand Union Canal Half, Purple Patch Running added in a spring ‘special edition event’. This race is otherwise always run in the autumn. This is a point to point race from Cowly in Uxbridge to Cassiobury Park in Watford.

I’d decided to run this as a training run and my final 10 mile plus run before the London Marathon. And I’m so glad I did – the sun and heat were brutal.

The race was a 10am start and I managed to get a lift with friends from running club. The pick-up was an early one – 6.30 am from outside a park near me. Not being an early morning person I don’t usually get to see this time of day – the skies were clear and the sun rising in a great ball of flame – spectacular.

We arrived at Cassiobury Park where we then hopped on the bus that had been arranged for those driving to the start.

We were there early. I like arriving early to races. There’s a bit of a thrill in seeing the build up. It gave me time to chill and douse myself a couple of times in factor 30. Continue reading “Race Review – Grand Union Canal Half”

Training Recap – 2 Weeks to London Marathon

Image result for grumpy runnerTapering sucks! I’m so grateful it’s only 2 weeks to the London Marathon.

While the miles are down, my legs feel heavy and unresponsive and I’ve got too much time on my hands and way too much energy to know what to do with.  Slight irritations are turning into major ones.

I’m stuck in sucky thought loops that go something like this ‘This is going to be a disaster…I’m so unfit…I’ll never finish…Nooooo…’ Maranoia hasn’t hit yet so that’s something to look forward to. Continue reading “Training Recap – 2 Weeks to London Marathon”

Marathon Tapering Tips – Getting to the Start Line

Image result for marathon taper timeI went along to a pre-marathon workshop with Barry Crane at Run and Become in London. With thanks for a great session.

I wanted to share some of the advice given as taper time can be rough. It’s when all the niggles and concerns can get blown out of proportion. There’s a lot of excitement mixed with fear about whether you’ll get to the start line and if you can do this. I wonder if anyone ever truly thinks they’ve done enough?

This is only my second marathon with my first being a disaster. I am not an expert – I’m passing on the advice I’ve been given. My aim is to get to the start line fit, healthy and injury free (even though at the moment I feel remarkably unfit despite my 18 and 20 mile runs). I also want to have a great day. I have a time goal in mind but I have to see how things are on the day Continue reading “Marathon Tapering Tips – Getting to the Start Line”

Training Recap – 3 Weeks to London Marathon

Marathon shoes! Half a size bigger than usual but are doing the trick on not damaging my toes!

This week has been a great confidence builder as well as a reminder of why I run.

My running week starts Saturday.

I started the week by helping out at the beginners’ group. My club holds 2 x 8 week sessions a year for beginners. I get to meet some great people and we chat as we run.

And why do I go along?

I get a lot out of it. I meet great people and every now and again I get to run with someone who is convinced they will fail. But they never do – they keep going whatever their thoughts and the weather throws at them. It is amazing to watch confidence grow. Continue reading “Training Recap – 3 Weeks to London Marathon”

Free to Run – My #reasontorun

We all start running for different reasons.

For me it was about getting a little fitter, perhaps losing a little weight. This has nothing to do with why I run now and why I’m about to embark on my second London Marathon despite my first being pretty much an unmitigated disaster!

So why do it? At the heart of it it’s about the people I’ve met, the confidence I’ve gained and the community I’m now very proudly part of. Running has opened up a new world for me and made me a happier person for it.  Continue reading “Free to Run – My #reasontorun”