A Case of the Post-Race Lurgy

postrace lurgy

It had to happen. The post-race lurgy.

After months of training with only a cold that lasted for a few days, post-race, I’ve succumbed.

I’ve known for a few days though I was in denial. A clear sign I’m getting sick is carb loading – the sort of carb loading you might do in the lead up to a marathon or ultra, only with more cake and no running to be done.

I figure this is pretty normal. After months of training followed by the marathon with 40,000 other folks, I’m bound to pick up something.

I’m amazed I hadn’t before – all those miles in the rain and cold over the winter, using those delightful portaloos at races, living in a big city.

Here I sit, typing away, feeling vague and a little irritated as I’m a rubbish sick person. And I’ve got a touch of runner envy – you know how it is. Just as well it’s pretty grim outside … and I’m still in recovery mode. And I’m over the post-race blues. There are times it’s better not to push through and just succumb!

So here’s to living vicariously through others for another day or so. And then back out onto the roads and trails I go.

I’ve got races to train for!!!



(April 2017)



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