Post-Ultra Recovery

ultra recovery

A week ago I did my first ultra – a 50k in the Chilterns with Extreme Energy. There was joy, there were a few blisters, and there was some loud sobbing, but I finished! This brings me on to post-ultra recovery.

I’ve found recovering from the 50k easier than the marathons I’ve done. OK, stairs were a little tricky to negotiate for a day or two but I haven’t felt nearly as battered or bruised.

So the last week’s gone a little like this …


Post-Ultra Recovery – The Last Week

Feeling like this at random moments


A lot of this


It might be the case that some of my food options have not been the healthiest!


A session of this from the physio


The damage I did wasn’t directly to my shoulder. It was to my long headed bicep. Whaaaaat?

Another obscure injury to add to the list. I don’t know how I did it – there was no snap or sharp pain. Instead it felt like I go bitten by something and the pain progressed from there.

My arm is starting to feel a little better I’m pleased to say. I’m doing those physio exercises!


A little of this

And quite a lot of this


Like a lot of us, I can be pretty hard on myself.  The race did not go to plan. I took a lot longer than I would’ve hoped. But I frigging finished! On this one, I’m pleased to say I’m feeling pretty kick arse!


And now?


First run a week post-ultra – a big 2.2 miles. I took it easy and could feel a real bounce in my stride. There was no plodding, no ‘why am I doing this?’ – it felt great to be out running again! And I got to meet one third of The Coffee Run (on Twitter; on Instagram) for a coffee! What a fantastic start to the weekend.

My plan going forward is to do a bit of a reverse taper. This means quite low mileage over the next few weeks and then pushing a little once I’m fully recovered. Bring it on!


And finally…


The support I’ve had leading up to, during, and after the race has been extraordinary – from friends and family, from the crew and runners on the day, to all my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I feel so privileged to have so many wonderful folk in my life inside and outside the running community.



4 thoughts on “Post-Ultra Recovery

  1. Great job Sophie and glad the first recovery week has gone pretty well…that’s odd about your arm though, hope it’s getting better every day! And, so cool you are back out there already…like you say, kick arse, or as they might say over here, bad ass!! Cheers!

    1. Thanks James, that’s lovely of you to say! And I know, weird about the arm – I’m pretty good at picking up weird injuries 🙂 But it was such an amazing day – I dread saying it but I think there may be more in my future! Happy running!

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