Race Report: RunThrough at Hyde Park

Runthrough Hyde Park

MedalRunThrough at Hyde Park – I’m feeling almost recovered three weeks since my 50k. I’ve no big training miles planned at the moment so while one of my aims over the next six months is to get a little speedier, my other is to have fun. I’d set the goal of having fun for this10k.

A couple of folks from Twitter said ‘Wouldn’t it be great to meet up at Hyde Park race?’ I was in two minds – I wanted to see how my recovery was going; but I wanted a sociable run. So after much procrastination, I signed up a few days before the race, told Caroline, and let it be a surprise for Annette.

It was a perfect morning – blue skies, not too hot, not too cold. I was excited at the thought of meeting some new folk and running around Hyde Park.

I arrived, picked up my number and timing tag and wandered about. Folks were relaxed and happy. A few minutes later, I saw Caroline and Annette and made introductions. Soon after, I saw someone I knew that I knew, only had never met – Lee, another person I know from Twitter. And then JK and Clare popped up so a group photo was had!


With thanks to the person who took the photo. From left – Lee, JK, Clare, Annette, me, Caroline


Caroline, Annette and I agreed we’d run together. I was happy whatever the pace. For me, this wasn’t a race but a run to get a few miles in my legs. Off we went. Caroline thought it was a four lap 10k. I hate doing laps! I was rather pleased to find out it was different to previous RunThrough races in Hyde Park and consisted of two 5k laps.

We chatted and laughed as we ran and the marshals shouted their support. We spoke about everything – what we do and don’t like, life and other stuff. There is something I find unique about running – people open up in a way that you wouldn’t if you casually met someone on the street. Being nosy, it’s one of the things I love about running.

We finished, got our bling, a few photos and then off for cookies and a drink. We headed off into South Kensington for a coffee and a bite to eat. A fun time had by all!


Would I do RunThrough at Hyde Park again?



  • Easy to get to


  • Number pick-up and bag drop-off was quick and easy


  • The instructions were clear and the route was well marked


  • Free photos!


  • This is a good value 10k in an iconic part of London


Just one minor point to add – there weren’t portaloos at this race, instead there were public toilets with 4 cubicles in the ladies. The queues were long just before the race start but I’ve never been to a race without queues so…


A reflection

I looked back on the race report of my first RunthroughUK event in Battersea Park in January and I was a bundle of nerves. I made myself do lots of races at the start of the year was to get used to them – the prep, on the day, handling nerves. And it’s worked. My pre-race anxiety is way down and I now know a lot more about pacing and managing my headspace.


And the other excitement of the day…


Callum Hawkins who came in fourth – a fantastic achievement! With thanks to Gillian for the photo.

Well, my day didn’t end there. With the chance to see some of the best of the best marathon runners in the world competing at the World Athletics Championships in London, I was in. So I headed off to London Bridge and was off to meet folk from my running club. It was a 4 x 10k or so loop around the city of London, ending on the iconic Tower Bridge. I caught the last half of the men’s marathon, and the first half of the women’s marathon.

It’s remarkable about watching elite runners – their form and grace. It’s not the first time I’ve had this opportunity – I watched the men’s and women’s marathons at the London Olympics and I’ve marshaled a few times at the London Marathon where I’ve been within spitting distance though thankfully not accidentally spat on!


Women’s marathon 10k in


Happy running all!

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