Race Report: RunThrough at Battersea Park

What is it about races that sends me into a tither? My fist RunThrough at Batersea Park.

It’s the feeling the night before when you’ve got your kit sorted, you know what you’re eating in the morning, you’ve sorted out how you’re going to get there, you’ve checked the weather at least 15 times, you’ve set two alarms just in case you turn one off but still … what if you’re late, what if they’ve lost your registration … what if … what if … what if?

I’m not an early morning person and race day always means waking up well before those two alarms go off.  This Saturday I woke up at 6am and got up at 6.30 just before the two alarms screamed into action. It was still dark. I knew it was going to be clear and be about -1°c.

After an hour of much coffee and making a sandwich for the trip, I got my butt out the door to head off to Battersea Park for the RunThrough race.

I hadn’t done a race with RunThrough before. I didn’t quite know what to expect.

I arrived early as I always end up doing for races and headed to the bandstand.


Why was I doing this?


The primary reason was my friend Susan – it was an opportunity for a catch up. The second reason – I decided this year as part of London Marathon training to include some races. I know it will help to get used to running with others and help me avoid the classic marathon error of getting caught up in the excitement on race day and going out too fast only to crash and burn half way through.

So here I was, Battersea Park a freezing but bright Saturday morning.

I picked up my number which took all of a minute to do and wandered around a little. The atmosphere was friendly.

Susan arrived, as did a couple of folks from my running club – Mel who’s also doing the London Marathon and Anna who’s training for a half.

We went for the bag drop before the all important pre-race pee then headed up to the start with a 1,000 or so others. Runners had a choice of 5k or 10k. The 5k runners went off and five minutes later, it was our turn.  Mel, Anna and me were going to run together at training pace which meant sticking to a very leisurely 11 min miles.

Me, Mel and Anna having a great time!

The route consisted of four laps of a section of the park. I usually find laps mind numbingly dull but we chatted. The pace was an easy one with the marshals cheering us on. The laps and miles passed quickly.

Finishing, we picked up our medals and headed to the all important food/drinks tables, grabbing a few bits then headed off for a caffeine hit.



Would I race with RunThrough again?

That would be a yes. Picking up my number, the bag drop and pick up was quick and easy, the staff were friendly and enthusiastic and there was the nice bit of bling at the end.  And the photos are free!

A fab way to spend a Saturday morning. Good times!


(January 2017)



2 thoughts on “Race Report: RunThrough at Battersea Park

    1. Thanks Jo. It depends on the race, distance and location – check out their website. You can also buy a series of races and there are a number of half marathons! The races are in some great locations! Let me know how you get on if you go along to one.

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