Ultra Training Diary: Slow and Steady Progress

Ultramarathon training

I’ve hit my highest ever mileage for the week in ultra training. A week where the heat and humidity hit hard!


Some would see it as low (I do), others as ‘bloody hell… that’s a long way’. In total, almost 38 miles.


The 50k in July is going to be tough so the miles don’t give a sense of how many hours I’ve spent on my feet, wandering about, and walking up those escalators at tube stations. I’m certainly not having any problems with sleeping – I’m wanting to do a lot of it!


Training for this 50k is a very different experience to London Marathon training. I’m a lot more chill. There are lots of reasons:


  • I’ve made a lot of progress this year starting almost from scratch. Given Parkrun hurt on New Year’s Day, I got to the London Marathon pretty much injury free, I ran it, and I’ve now done a fabulous half up and down trails in Devon (Race Review here).


  • The more I do, the more relaxed I am about running and the more natural it feels.


  • There’s also something really lovely about not worrying about time. Sure, I’ll be towards the back somewhere but it will be done.


  • Trails require more concentration than running on roads – this means I’m more engaged and have more fun. I also have a lot to learn (running downhills without trashing my quads) and I’m a geek at heart so this ticks a lot of boxes.


  • And I’m feeling refreshed after a few lovely days in Devon – a couple of random photos included!


Row of cows in Devon
On the way to the B&B – I stopped to say hello!


So this is how it’s been…


Week Starting 22 May


Monday – rest day; core and stretch


Tuesday – a truly sucky run and a grim 5 miles – getting used to training in heat and humidity


Wednesday – 6.5 miles and running in 26C made it a grim plod; quick core and stretch


Thursday – 4.6 miles – slow as still hot so distance a little shorter than it should have been. Was OK though.


Friday – 8.5 miles – slow with some walking. I was thinking about why I was so slow on this one – might have to do with the fact I’m not used to running 1. 4 times a week and 2. in heat and humidity


Saturday – travel down to Devon with a little walking around


Sunday – 13.2 miles in Devon taking walk/run approach given off-road and some rather big hills; this combined with about 5 hours of walking/standing about to give myself time on my feet.


TOTAL – 37.9 Miles


Devon sunset
Devon sunset

(May 2017)

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