A Fab Snack for Runners – Fruity Flapjacks

Fruity flapjacks are tasty any time! These are simple, cheap, and quick to make with the possibility of endless variations. Try with other dried fruit and nuts? Or leave them out and dip in melted choc once they’ve cooled a little? So many choices. I […]

Nutella and banana cake

Nutella and banana cake

Runners think a lot about food! And nutella and banana cake, it’s something to think about. Runners think about what’s good for pre-running, during running, post-running and those  times we’re doing other stuff. So when thinking about a cake to make for running folk after […]

Black Tea Spring Rolls (With mango chutney dipping sauce)

When I was invited to a good friend’s leaving picnic, this recipe for Black Tea Spring Rolls jumped to mind. Baked spring rolls in crispy wrappers – my Saturday night special. Making mini rolls requires a bit more effort but the results are worth it

ANZAC Biscuits – A Great Post-Race Treat

    Ahhh…ANZAC Biscuits … the story goes that the mothers, wives and girlfriends of ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, WW1) would make these to send to the troops. They were good for shipping as they didn’t spoil. Little chance of them spoiling […]