Race Review: Chiltern Challenge – My First Ultra

First ultra Chiltern Challenge XNRG

My first ultra – There is something about ultra running that appeals. I don’t know what it is but I’m fascinated by runners’ stories about their adventures and the ups and downs of running 50k, 50 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles or events like Marathon Des Sables or the infamous Badwater. An ultramarathon is a race longer than marathon which is 42.2k/26.2miles. And my first ultra was the challenge I set […]

London Marathon 2017 – Not Long Now

Reason to Run

Not long now … nervous, excited, filled with trepidation – this is how I’m feeling with only a few days to go until the London Marathon 2017 as you can see from the photo! I’ve been a little reflective of the last few days about how far I’ve come in training. The long runs, the races, and the added miles throughout the weeks have not always been easy. I started […]

Marathon Taper Tips – Getting to the Start Line

Tapering advice

Ah, the marathon taper … here’s what I learned from a pre-marathon workshop with Barry Crane at Run and Become in London. I wanted to share some of the advice given as taper time can be rough. It’s when all the niggles and concerns can get blown out of proportion. There’s a lot of excitement mixed with fear about whether you’ll get to the start line and if you can […]

Training Recap – 5 Weeks to London Marathon

5 weeks to London Marathon

This has been a week of irritations, mainly in my left calf and only 5 weeks to London Marathon. After a short set of hill reps last Thursday, I felt a bit of an ache in my calf muscle. On Friday it hurt a little more. I tested it out on my long run on Saturday and it seemed fine – a few slight niggles but no pain as such. […]

Training Recap – 11 weeks to London Marathon

11 Weeks to London marathon

With 11 weeks to London Marathon, I’m doing something a little different to avoid my endless rounds of injuries. I’m taking on the advice that seems sensible – exercises that your physio and all the running magazines tell you to do and you tend to ignore it because to be honest, it’s pretty bloody boring. Yes, I’m talking about core, rolling and general strengthening. I’m never going to be a […]

Good Times, Bad Times and a Picnic

Running in Knole Park

So running in Knole Park … Let’s start with the bad… Have you ever felt your body out of whack when you’re running? You know what I mean – legs are heavy and there’s no rhythm to your stride even after a few miles. Your diet is fine, you’ve slept well, stress levels are OK, but you feel like you’re wearing concrete boots.