Race Report: RunThrough at Hyde Park

Runthrough Hyde Park

RunThrough at Hyde Park – I’m feeling almost recovered three weeks since my 50k. I’ve no big training miles planned at the moment so while one of my aims over the next six months is to get a little speedier, my other is to have fun. I’d set the goal of having fun for this10k. A couple of folks from Twitter said ‘Wouldn’t it be great to meet up at […]

Running a 50k: Lessons learned

Running a 50k

Running a 50k is an amazing experience. Well, there was a lot of walking on my part but hey ho. It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed the Chiltern Challenge 50k. Review here. I learned a lot – in the training, on the day, and about myself. While the day certainly didn’t play out as planned, took longer than expected, and included a lot of pain, I’d do […]

Post-Ultra Recovery

ultra recovery

A week ago I did my first ultra – a 50k in the Chilterns with Extreme Energy. There was joy, there were a few blisters, and there was some loud sobbing, but I finished! This brings me on to post-ultra recovery. I’ve found recovering from the 50k easier than the marathons I’ve done. OK, stairs were a little tricky to negotiate for a day or two but I haven’t felt […]

Ultra Training Diary: A Marathon as Training

Marathon in training

If someone had told me 6 months ago that I’d do a DIY marathon as training for my 50k, followed by a run (well, more of a painful walk) the following day, I would have laughed. And that laugh would have been a loud, verging on hysteria. But on Saturday that’s just what I did. But I’m getting ahead of myself… It’s been a strange week. My facet joints in […]

Ultra Training Diary: 5 weeks to go

I’m exhausted. No surprises in training for an ultra – the last week was my highest mileage ever in a week, 44.6 miles.   I know there are many folk out there who do a lot more. To be honest, I should as well given I’ve gotten a 50k trail race to do in 5 weeks. I’m happy – a 5k seemed tough at the beginning of the year so […]

Ultra Training Diary: 6 Weeks To Go

La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes

Six weeks to go to my first ultra and it’s been a week of running blergh. During the week there’s been good and bad and I’ve needed some time to reflect.   1. On the plus side, I have lovely new trail running shoes from Snow + Rock – Akasha Black/Yellow from La Sportiva!  I was really impressed not having been to this store before – superb customer service and they listened to […]

Ultra Training Diary: Getting into the Groove

Getting into the groove

I’m getting into the groove of ultra training. My miles aren’t as high as I’d like them to be and it’ll be slow – I need to manage it between life and staying injury free – but it will be done. 50k in mid-July in the Chilterns with XNRG. I’m trying to shift my headspace a little. Marathon training is about the miles, it’s also about keeping running. Running and […]