Target Race Update: Reading Half

Target with arrow

Target Race Update – So this year I’ve set myself a challenge – to aim for PBs for distances from 5 to 50k. No PBs yet which is pretty much as I expected. I’ve completed two races – Tadworth 10 and the Watford Half. My next is The Big Half where I managed to score a £10 community place via my running club. My target PB race (no pressure….no pressure) is the Sage […]

Watford Half Review: Chilly and Hilly!

Watford Half medal

Watford Half Review – A hilly and chilly race half marathon and my second race of the year in my aim to get PBs in everything from 5 to 50k. But I wasn’t planning a PB for this race, rather, just a check of my fitness level. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this one. Most of the half marathons I’ve done have been pretty flat. I’d looked at […]

Tadworth 10 – Mud Trails and Great Company*

With finisher's medal

Short version: It’s the second time I’ve run Tadworth 10, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Long version: On the first non-bank holiday Sunday of the year, the Tadworth Athletic Club put on Tadworth 10. This is a 10 mile race across Epsom race course and through the Epsom Downs. There are hills, there is mud, there are some good road sections – what more could you want […]

What Running Has Taught Me: On Being Self-Employed

What running has taught me - Picture of me at work, and me at the end of the Chiltern Challenge

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know the ones that slap you in the face and you realise there’s a choice to be made. This was me in terms of my job last year. So, what has running taught me? It had been brewing for a while. I was walking down a nondescript corridor in Whitehall and the thought entered my head ‘I can’t do this anymore, […]

2018 – From 5k to 50

Buffy - I have the best plan ever

Here we go again… another New Year, another set of running plans, a few goals. From 5k to 50 will be part of the story for the year for me. A bit of a repeat but not too much of one. These aren’t resolutions as such. I kind of think resolutions suck and give me something else to beat myself up about. So I’m thinking of this as more of […]

2017 Running Review

The people I've met

The 2017 running review – and what a year it’s been. I was going to do a ‘best of…’ and then realised it was impossible – too many moments, meetings, and races, to choose from – each unique and memorable in their own way. So here are some of the highlights…   Panic training Those moments. You know those moments where you realise what you’ve signed up for? The first […]

Running on Full Nominated for The Running Awards

2018 Running Awards - Favourite blog

I emitted a squeal of excitement when I got the email saying I’d been nominated for Favourite Blog in the Running Awards 2018. Sorry to the person next to me on the bus, you probably thought I was a little insane! This is London… I’m honoured and excited at the same time. So if you’ve liked what you’ve read here, and shameless I know, vote for me. Go check out […]