Nutrition and Fuelling for Marathon Day (Part 2)


In March, I was lucky enough to be invited to an event hosted by Science in Sport (SiS) on nutrition and fuelling for marathon day. The key lessons from that session can be found here. Now the marathon is done, I thought it would be useful […]

Training Recap – Two Days Before London Marathon

London Marathon Expo

While I’m no longer having dreams about showing up late and completely frazzled to the start line of the London Marathon, the excitement/ nervousness has upped. Nothing like going to the Expo for a little anxiety inducement! But the excitement of Expo was upped by […]

Is a sub 2:00:00 marathon possible?

sub 2 possible

Two Hours: The quest to run the impossible marathon by Ed Caesar (2015) I watched the men’s and women’s marathons at the 2012 London Olympics. I was standing in St James Park within spitting distance of the runners as they flew past. It was extraordinary […]

Marathon Taper Tips – Getting to the Start Line

Tapering advice

Ah, the marathon taper … here’s what I learned from a pre-marathon workshop with Barry Crane at Run and Become in London. I wanted to share some of the advice given as taper time can be rough. It’s when all the niggles and concerns can […]

Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run – Review and Lessons Learned

Review of Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run

Review of Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run. Ahh, the start of British Summer Time mixed with a race starting at 8am. I’d set two alarms the night before, bib on running vest, timing chip on shoe, gels squeezed into running belt. Waking up at 5am (4am […]

Training Recap – 4 Weeks to London Marathon

4 weeks to London Marathon

4 weeks to London Marathon and it’s starting to feel real – an 18 mile run, arrival of the registration form, making arrangements to meet up with folks at the Expo, it’s all happening. I’m caught between excitement and paranoia. I had to defer the […]