6 Tips on Putting Together a Training Plan

tips on training plan

I’ve been running on and off for five years now. It’s only this year I’ve really worked on putting together a training plan that works for me. There are some key elements I’ve included which might be helpful if you’re struggling to develop a plan you can generally stick with. For me, the real benefit of spending time on this is it means for weeks at a time, I don’t […]

6 Reasons to Run an Ultramarathon

Reasons to run an ultramarathon

So what are the reasons to run an ultramarathon? I get odd, quizzical and confused looks from non-running folk when I tell them this year I’ve done a marathon and an ultra. For those of you new to running, an ultra is a race at a distance longer than the 26.2 miles of a marathon. I don’t look like a marathon or ultra runner. Indeed, I don’t look like a […]

The Art of Running Faster by Julian Goater and Don Melvin

running faster

Review of The Art of Running Faster: Improve technique, training, and performance by Julian Goater and Don Melvin  (2012)   ‘Don’t practice plodding,’ the key takeaway from The Art of Running Faster. And running is an art – just watch Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah at their best if you haven’t already. Now I’ve been a plodder pretty much since I started running 5 years ago. It’s seen me through […]

Running a 50k: Lessons learned

Running a 50k

Running a 50k is an amazing experience. Well, there was a lot of walking on my part but hey ho. It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed the Chiltern Challenge 50k. Review here. I learned a lot – in the training, on the day, and about myself. While the day certainly didn’t play out as planned, took longer than expected, and included a lot of pain, I’d do […]

Ultra Training Diary: The Taper Grumps

taper grumps

Be warned: writing this while with a case of the taper grumps. On Saturday I headed out to do my last double digit run until my 50k this weekend. I’m now familiar with how the taper goes: legs feel heavy; thoughts of I’ll never do this creep in; the end of the world is nigh! Every physical tweak makes results in a feeling of panic. So I wasn’t expecting much. But […]

Ultra Training Diary: It’s Taper Time

Taper time

It’s taper time and for once it brings a sense of relief…for now! 12 days to 50k! But it’s also when the questioning starts: Have I done enough? What’s it going to be like on the day? What’s the weather going to be like? The last week has been hard work. After covering a marathon distance a little over a week ago, there’s not a lot left in my legs. […]

Ultra Training Diary: A Marathon as Training

Marathon in training

If someone had told me 6 months ago that I’d do a DIY marathon as training for my 50k, followed by a run (well, more of a painful walk) the following day, I would have laughed. And that laugh would have been a loud, verging on hysteria. But on Saturday that’s just what I did. But I’m getting ahead of myself… It’s been a strange week. My facet joints in […]