Running on Full Nominated for The Running Awards

2018 Running Awards - Favourite blog

I emitted a squeal of excitement when I got the email saying I’d been nominated for Favourite Blog in the Running Awards 2018. Sorry to the person next to me on the bus, you probably thought I was a little insane! This is London…

I’m honoured and excited at the same time. So if you’ve liked what you’ve read here, and shameless I know, vote for me. Go check out the other blogs as well.


The Running Awards 2018

The Running Awards are an annual event held a few days before the London Marathon and it’s are a very big deal. The awards give runners the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favourite things – races, charities, shoes, books, nutrition, blogs, communities, and more.

It’s a great opportunity to have your say on all things running!

It’s easy and just takes a couple of minutes to register and then to vote. In December, they reduce to a shortlist of the top 12 in every category and then reopen the voting to find the top 3.


On why I do this

I love writing, I love blogging. I started Running On Full to share what I love – running, recipes, and books about running. It’s a way for me to gather my thoughts.

My life is richer for the folks I’ve met along the way.

Running has changed my life.

I’m middle aged (how the hell did that happen?), could stand to lose some weight, and I’m pretty slow. But I do have a stubborn streak. This year this saw me through my second marathon and first 50k. And for once I’ve remained pretty much injury free.

I love supporting other runners and my charity of choice, Free to Run. Free to Run do amazing work using running and outdoor adventure to empower and educate women and girls who have been affected by conflict. Also, where possible, they develop opportunities for women and men to participate in sporting events together.


London Marathon Expo


And I so appreciate the support that has been shown to me – the good times, the bad and the downright hilarious! It’s a community that makes me smile and laugh.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s read this blog and all of those I’ve met along the way in real life and online!

Now time to go off and vote in The Running Awards!



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