Ultra Training Diary: How I’m thinking my first ultra will go

First ultra

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So rather than rambling on about what Saturday might be like, this is how I’m thinking my first ultra will go …


Fear of not waking up on time means setting multiple alarm clocks at 1 minute intervals and no sleep


 mickey mouse alarm yodelberg alarm clock GIF

The next morning

Image result for having to wake up early images





Getting dressed

Image result for tired getting dressed gif


Leaving home

Related image


The arrival


First things first

At the start line of my first ultra


A few miles in


A few more miles in


At the aid stations


A few other thoughts

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment fox julie andrews the sound of music the hills are alive with the sound of music GIF


And while hoping this won’t be the case


Meeting others

 hiking GIF

Likely somewhere near the end

All leading to this…


Followed by this…

 finished GIF


And this…


Anything I’ve missed?


Happy running all!


[Postscript: And this is how my first ultra went – The Chiltern Challenge]

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