Training Recap – Two Days Before London Marathon

London Marathon Expo

While I’m no longer having dreams about showing up late and completely frazzled to the start line of the London Marathon, the excitement/ nervousness has upped. Nothing like going to the Expo for a little anxiety inducement!

But the excitement of Expo was upped by getting to meet some more twitter folks – Melinda and her husband who on twitter is known as MFH (Melinda’s favourite husband) who are over from the US, Paul, one of the pacers, and others. It’s a small world in runners’ land!

And no, I haven’t suddenly grown! Me and Melinda!

I’m doing my best this last couple of days to try and stay relatively calm. Easier said than done. It might mean a little time off social media and back to reading some novels I’ve got tucked away. There’s going to be a little carb loading, perhaps a few naps, some Netflix. Tomorrow I get to cheer on beginners doing their first ever 5k at Parkrun.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve done this before, a few years ago now. The excitement then was saying I’d run a race with Mo Farah. OK, so he obviously beat me by a few hours and I didn’t see him at all, but still very cool! I know a lot more now about pacing and nutrition and I am a stronger runner.

And I have a plan – for pacing, nutrition, managing energy levels as best I can. I’ll be getting to the starting area pretty early as I know even a 5 minute delay of a later train will stress me out. I’ve got a target pace for the first half and expect to slow a little in the second. The main thing of course is to keep going until that finish line and to enjoy the experience that is the London Marathon.

I suspect this won’t be my last marathon, whether that’s on roads or hitting the trails. And I won’t be fast but that’s OK when a 5k Parkrun felt like a long way at New Year’s.

So here’s to everyone having a great day – runners, marshals, spectators, St John Ambulance crews, folks at water stations, those watching on TV. And a huge thanks to all those who have supported me in person, via lovely comments on this blog, and in social media land – I am truly grateful!


It’s a long way…..

Training Recap – last week of #tapermadness


Saturday – 2.5 miles with beginners, core and stretching

Sunday -5.8 miles

Monday – core and stretching

Tuesday – core and stretching, pilates class

Wednesday -2.5 miles at target marathon pace. Legs felt good. Went along to Expo!

Thursday -2.5 miles at target marathon pace. Core and stretching

Friday –  core and stretching and a little wandering about


Total – 13.3 miles




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