Ultra Training Diary: 6 Weeks To Go

La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes

Six weeks to go to my first ultra and it’s been a week of running blergh. During the week there’s been good and bad and I’ve needed some time to reflect.


1. On the plus side, I have lovely new trail running shoes from Snow + Rock – Akasha Black/Yellow from La Sportiva!  I was really impressed not having been to this store before – superb customer service and they listened to what I had to say. I ended up with men’s model as while the women’s were prettier, the store was out of stock and I always need to try on shoes before I buy. These should work well for my ultra. 


I got to try these puppies out on Sunday and LOVED THEM. I’ll let you know how I go with them on the longer runs. What I like is the wide toe box, a good level of support in the heel and good grip on trails. I haven’t had the chance to try them in mud but I’ll let you know how I get on.


2. After a grim 10 miles and some walking on Saturday, I thought I had moved beyond hunger until I bought myself a wrap and a coffee. Oh it was good, it was soooooo good!  


Vegan flatbread and coffee
So goooood!

3. On Sunday I got to run/walk local trails. There was no zip to my stride but for once that felt OK. And it was a beautiful day. I’d stayed up watching news the night before and I was in a grim mood. I had run past London Bridge and through Borough Market the day before. I know these streets and this is my home.


View when trail running in woods
Local trails

Week Starting 29 May


Monday – Core and stretching. I did very little the rest of my day as my quads were hurting!


Tuesday – No running as quads still hurting!


Wednesday – An OK 5 miles – slow mainly due to it being warm and humid


Thursday – 9 miles – first 4 miles OK and then met up with a friend for the next 5 miles – my legs weren’t happy!


Friday –  core and stretching


Saturday – 10 miles and 2.5 hours of walking – this run was grim, my legs weren’t having any of it so there was a lot of walking involved. But ahh, the wrap and coffee made up for it!


Sunday – 6 miles running/walking on trails plus 1.5 hours of walking; quick core and stretching session.


TOTAL –  30 miles plus lots of time on my feet


The 31 miles in July is going to take a long time….


(June 2017)




La Sportiva trail running shoes for my first ultra


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