When A Run Goes Bad

when a run goes bad

Earlier this week I had one of ‘those’ runs. There was nothing in my legs and while I was meant to be doing hill sprints in my efforts to achieve PBs anywhere from 5 to 50k this year, I managed only three. By the time I got home, I was in a grump! It got me thinking about what goes through my head when a run goes bad.

I now know why it was so awful as I sit here with the dreaded lurgy. I didn’t feel it coming on otherwise I wouldn’t have gone out the front door! I’ll be over it soon and back to my happy running self.

I’ve written on this stuff before – how to get over the bad run, and having ‘runner envy’ when ill. But what I haven’t done before is articulate the experience of the run itself. In this case, Gifs say it better than words.

When a run goes bad…


The procrastination phase


mental health depression GIF


Leaving the house and what you say to yourself


criminal minds shut up GIF by CBS


First mile (though this is how many of my runs start!)



What I’m thinking



And how I respond to my internal dialogue



Second mile and those hill sprints

When you want it to feel like this



But it feels more like this


tired GIF


Third mile and a bit



My mood when I got home



Me now




Me in a couple of days (I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up!)




Happy running all!


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