Training Recap – 1 week to London Marathon

London Marathon
 One week to London Marathon and what will be will be. A few more miles to do to keep my legs ticking over.


But the dreams. I’m not one for remembering dreams on the whole. This has been some crazy stuff.


Dream 1 – turn up at the start point in a panic as I’m late. I look down only to discover my kit is all wrong – wrong top, wrong shoes and no number. I have also forgotten my gels and jelly babies. I wake up in a panic wondering  why I haven’t got my gel belt on.


Dream 2 – We’re an hour into the race. The route bypasses through people’s homes which involves running up stairs and through narrow corridors. You could imagine how crowded that gets. It’s an hour in when I realise I’ve forgotten my gels. As part of the route runs through my running buddy’s flat, I stop and make a peanut butter sandwich on lovely fresh white bread with lots of butter, eat half, take the other half and then go back out on the road. The only thing is, there’s no one around – the streets are deserted. Have I gone the wrong way?



WHAAAAAT?!?one week to London marathon


I don’t know what’s going on here. The reason I’ve done so many races this year to far is to get used to being in crowds and settling into my own pace early on.


I’ll definitely be doing my checklist a few days before as it will stop me faffing the evening before and morning of; and hopefully stop me waking up at 3am in a panic!


Do you have strange dreams before big races?


So here’s to the last week of taper time. A few short runs to be done, a lot of core and stretching, a pilates class and the excitement of the Expo. I’m really looking forward to meeting some more of the fantastic running folk from Twitter!


Training Recap


Saturday – 2 miles with my club’s beginners’ group. Rolling, core and stretching


Sunday Grand Union Canal Half – 13.1 which included a lot of walking. It was so hot. My time was a real shocker but a lovely chill day and not worried about the time.


Monday – Rolling and core, wandering about


Tuesday – 4 miles at target race pace, pilates and core and rolling


Wednesday – Core and rolling x 2; some light weights


Thursday – Pilates, core and rolling


Friday – 4.3 miles. Felt good and went faster than planned – a very happy run! Core and rolling.


Total – 23.4 miles



(April 2017)



And while you’re here

My #reasontorun the London Marathon

I’m running the London Marathon to support a wonderful organisation called Free to Run. You can read more about my #reasontorun here.

Please support – any amount gratefully received whether it’s £1 or $1 or £100 or $100. You can go to my JustGiving page here.







2 thoughts on “Training Recap – 1 week to London Marathon

  1. Enjoy the final week of the taper. Last year I had some really strange dreams in the lead up to the London Marathon. In one dream I was actually leading the entire race (yeah right!) and had no idea of the route so got lost. My most frequent London Marathon related dreams involved me getting lost and not being able to find the start. Although I’m too injured at the moment to have London Marathon related race envy, I do wish that I was going to the Expo. I loved it last year.

    1. Thanks Emma and I’m so glad it’s not only me. But what a cool dream – leading the race, though perhaps not the getting lost part. And so sorry to hear your injured – I hope you’re back to it very soon! And the expo will be fun!

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