Training Recap – 4 Weeks to London Marathon

4 weeks to London Marathon

4 weeks to London Marathon and it’s starting to feel real – an 18 mile run, arrival of the registration form, making arrangements to meet up with folks at the Expo, it’s all happening. I’m caught between excitement and paranoia.

I had to defer the London Marathon last year 3 weeks before the big day due to facet joint issues in my lower back. This year I’m working it a little differently with regular core and stretching (OK, so it’s meant to be daily…), pilates and the occasional sports massage. Any niggles I’m getting on to straight away. Last week I had an issue with my calf muscle but physio, rest, hot water bottles and rolling sorted that out. This week, on Wednesday I had the lurgy so a little runner envy. I didn’t run which means I’m a few miles down.

This post is a little shorter than others. I can’t write it without making mention of the attack in London this week. My heart goes out to those affected, their family and friends – you are in my thoughts.


Training Recap


Saturday – core and rolling, practised carb loading


Sunday – 18 miles along part of the London Marathon route. Started off feeling a little bloated after carb loading but that soon went and practised refuelling strategy with 4 SiS gels and some jelly babies. The run felt good. I did start to really tire at about mile 15 but that’s to be expected at this stage.


Monday – I was a little tired and did sod all


Tuesday – 6.3 miles and pilates- it was a really tough class which I felt for days.


Wednesday – ill so took it very easy. I decided not to try and make up the miles as I want to be in good form for Sunday’s 20.1 mile Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run.


Thursday – 6.2 miles. Who would’ve ever though a 10k would feel like a short run! Core and rolling


Friday – core and rolling, walking


Total – 30.5 miles


My mileage for the last fortnight is not what is in the plan but by doing this, it’s meant I’ve sorted my injury and I’m well. I’ve also managed to do the critical LSRs – if I missed a few of those I would start to get concerned.



I’m running this marathon in support of Free to Run – an NGO dedicated to supporting women and girls into running and other activities in areas affected by conflict; and supporting those who have been forced to flee and live as refugees. And where possible, opportunities are created for women and men to participate together including mixed gender teams from Afghanistan running ultra-marathons!

Please support this great organisation by donating at Just Giving


Happy training everyone and let me know how you’re getting on!


(March 2017)


6 thoughts on “Training Recap – 4 Weeks to London Marathon

  1. I’m glad you stopped by my blog and said hi so I could follow your blog of luck as you get ready for London, just a couple weeks or so now…cheers!!

  2. Congrats on getting the long runs in. I had to defer Brighton last year as well (but a lot earlier than three weeks beforehand).

    Do you have a brand of jelly baby you use? I avoid them as some have gelatine in, chocolate covered coffee beans are now my favoured race nibble.

    1. Thanks so much Peter! On jelly babies, I have to admit I’m a very bad pescatarian and eat the normal brand. I have started using gels and I’ll be updating on nutrition over the coming week but in the meantime I am finding gels are more effective for the very long runs, I’m able to go further and my mood doesn’t dip nearly as much. Previously I’ve always started to crash and burn by about mile 15 and while doing 20 on Sunday was exhausting, I felt I still had fuel in the tank. Post-marathon I’ll be hitting the trails so will be experimenting further including with choc covered coffee beans! Happy running! How’s your training going?

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