Silencing the Blerch

It’s time to meet the blerch – the fat little cherub who follows when I run, sleep, work and eat.  He’s a wretched lazy beast who represents all form of gluttony, apathy and nothingness. Thank you to The Oatmeal for giving this beasty a name and such apt descriptors.

This means of late, most of this year in fact, running has been barely part of my life. I’ve succumbed to a routine of Netflix, wine and somewhat tasty food of the not so healthy kind. It’s resulted in once there being muscle, there’s now a little more padding.

But it’s time for change.  Just this morning I heard from some running buddies that it can happen – coming back after months of little running. It will take some time and the blerch will be loud for at least a while, but he will quieten down.

Do you have a story about how you quieted the blerch? It would be great to hear.

(August 2016)