Tadworth 10 and theme tunes

Tadworth 10

Tadworth 10 – I felt like I should be galloping on a horse through the mist. Why, I asked myself, don’t races have theme tunes?

Today I ran the Tadworth 10, a 10 mile race through rolling countryside starting at Epsom Downs Race Course. I’ve heard it called the Hell 10, definitely not for the heat as it didn’t get much above 0°c, but the hills. The race is across paved and unpaved roads and paths with a little mud, big puddles and hills and more hills. The second time round, I have to admit that the hill that runs for a mile up a country lane was a bit of a struggle.

And the theme tune, it would have to be Black Beauty of course.  I wasn’t the only one given all the people I saw break into gallops early on.

This is a good race. Well organised. The marshals did a superb job, braving the cold rather than being at home having nice cups of tea which seems the most sensible thing to do in this sort of weather. And it was lovely to have people from my running club cheering me on just before the finish line. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

And of course, every good race requires a lovely post-race snack. I’d made some ANZAC biscuits which went down a treat.

(January 2015)


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