Ultra Training Diary: It’s Taper Time

Taper time

It’s taper time and for once it brings a sense of relief…for now! 12 days to 50k!

But it’s also when the questioning starts: Have I done enough? What’s it going to be like on the day? What’s the weather going to be like?

The last week has been hard work. After covering a marathon distance a little over a week ago, there’s not a lot left in my legs. There have been a few nights out as well, with some wine…hmmm. But I’m very glad to report my lower back is better with no aches and pains.

And there was some yoga!


The next 2 weeks

With the reduced mileage, I’m going to have energy to burn. My focus will be on:

  • core and stretching
  • good nutrition and
  • SLEEP (not enough of that of late)



So this is how it’s been…


Training recap with 2 weeks to go


Taper timeMonday – rest day; core and stretching; feeling shattered


Tuesday – 4 very slow miles but legs feeling strong; core and stretching


Wednesday – 7 miles. I was meant to do 10 but there was nothing in my legs.


Thursday – 4.8 miles –  felt pretty good; core and stretching.


Friday – yoga for the first time in about 15 years. Challenging as I can’t even touch my toes!


Saturday – 10 miles as per plan


Sunday – did a few miles before my club’s Summer League which was 5 miles. 7 miles in total. I took it slowly, running with the fabulous Mary – it was a hot and sunny day. Despite the lack of speed, I’m starting to really feel the fitness gains in my legs.

And there was cake…so much cake! I made flapjacks which I’m pleased to say disappeared quickly!


TOTAL – 32.8 miles


Happy running all!


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