Training Recap – 13 weeks to London Marathon

The long run – slow and steady

The miles are starting to build and my confidence is growing, slowly. I’m sticking to the plan and adding in extras to build up strength.

Most importantly, I got through the worst of runs. One of those where I doubt my confidence to run a mile, let alone the London Marathon. Only 4 miles but each step was an effort. On the plus side, I didn’t stop, I didn’t walk and I kept plodding at my planned pace. I’ve been running for long enough to know that shitty runs make the good runs oh so much sweeter! Continue reading “Training Recap – 13 weeks to London Marathon”

Training Recap – 14 weeks to London Marathon

After a very damp and chilly 3.1 miles!

Yesterday hit the 100 day mark to the London Marathon. My panic about getting the training done and staying injury free has subsided … a little.

In my efforts to stay injury free, I’m working on building a strong base. Over the last 5 years, I’ve had running related injury after injury -SI joint pain, left Achilles, soleus muscle in my right calf, fat pad impingement of the knee caused by tripping on a tree root and various other niggles and strains. This has been made worse by an underlying issue not related to running, of slipping a disc in my lower back twice and having on and off again facet joint issues.

Being injured sucks. It’s irritating, painful and any of the painkillers that work make me fee like shit. This year, I’m doing something a little different – daily core and rolling, pilates once a week and fortnightly sports massages to sort niggles before they turn into injuries. My physio will be pleased!   Continue reading “Training Recap – 14 weeks to London Marathon”

Training Recap – 15 weeks to London Marathon

After Tuesday’s Run

The panic has subsided a little and my training has begun in earnest.

This week and the next month or so are about building a stronger running base.  My running has very much been on and off again over the last year, since I had to defer from the 2016 London Marathon. Life got in the way and I’d lost my mojo.

A few months ago I decided to get back into running – it’s been very much up and down but that’s the past, time to move on.  So with the help of lovely running folk who had fantastic advice on offer, I found that pesky mojo and have been holding onto it tightly ever since. Continue reading “Training Recap – 15 weeks to London Marathon”

Welcome 2017 and Marathon Training Begins

Sixteen weeks to go to Virgin London Marathon 2017 and I have my training plan at the ready. Shit. Shit. Oh shit!


Base Miles

2016 was by no means a good year in building strong miles – work stress, life stress, catching everything going around and injuries.

On the good side, having lost my mojo, I found it again with the help of my running buddies. While mojo is still lurking about, my fitness has taken a dive. It’s been a huge year Continue reading “Welcome 2017 and Marathon Training Begins”

Running off Stress: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Stress and performance

Stress – we’re told it’s bad for us, our waistlines, our health. But is this always the case? And what does it do for your running?

I got interested in the question of stress and running, having lost my mojo earlier this year, and here’s what I found.

Not all types of stress are bad and many experts agree that if we get it right, it can add a real boost to performance, in the short term at least.  It could be those butterflies in the stomach at the start of a race, Continue reading “Running off Stress: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”

Time for a Celebration! Gin and Tonic Cake


Generally I like to extol some of the health benefits of the recipes I post.

Initially I had a bit of a struggle. Really? Gin and tonic cake – good for you? Except of course it could make you slightly tipsy and put you on a bit of a sugar high…

We all know the old tales that spirits are good for you if you’re ill. Now, we have moved somewhat away from that thinking, which in my mind is ‘probably’ a good thing.

What did surprise me is that there are a number of reasons gin can be good for you (albeit in moderation). This is what I came across in my research:

1. The main ingredient of gin is juniper berries. These are full of infection fighting qualities.

2. Juniper berries are also full of antioxidants and boost regenerating cells for smoother, healthier looking skin. Forget those anti-wrinkle creams….

Continue reading “Time for a Celebration! Gin and Tonic Cake”

Runner Envy: When the Lurgy Strikes

AutumnHere in London, there’s been a sharpish change of seasons. The days are getting shorter, there’s a lovely crunch of leaves underfoot and the temperature’s dropping. And judging from the sneezing and coughing on the bus and at work, it’s that fun time of year when lurgies strike.

I have to come clean – this week has not been a week for running. While the weekend was good with a couple of short 4 mile runs, it went downhill from there.

Instead, it’s been a week for ‘runner envy’ due to that dreaded lurgy. Continue reading “Runner Envy: When the Lurgy Strikes”

When It’s Cold Outside: Eat Dhal (With red lentils, sweet potato, cauliflower and spinach)

Dhal with sweet potatoes, cauliflower and spinach

As the leaves start to turn and there’s a chill in the air, it’s time to move onto hearty fare that warms you from the top of your head, down to your toes. Dhal hits the spot!

It’s rich and filling with lots of good stuff like lentils. And so cheap for weekday meals or as part of a weekend banquet. Continue reading “When It’s Cold Outside: Eat Dhal (With red lentils, sweet potato, cauliflower and spinach)”