Baked Sweet Potato – A Fab Midweek Meal

Baked sweet potato with haloumi, red onion, spinach and a few drops of chilli sauce – it’s a fab combo of flavours and textures. It’s quick and easy to make and is one of my mid-week go to meals.

For me, sweet potato tastes indulgent – sweet and a little creamy. And they’re full of good stuff – Vitamins B6, C and D, iron, magnesium, potassium and high in beta carotene. They’re versatile – bake them, boil them, mash them – up to you. Continue reading “Baked Sweet Potato – A Fab Midweek Meal”

Ultra Training Diary: Getting into the Groove

Love the local woods!

I’m getting into the groove of ultra training. My miles aren’t as high as I’d like them to be and it’ll be slow – I need to manage it between life and staying injury free – but it will be done. 50k in mid-July in the Chilterns with XNRG.

I’m trying to shift my headspace a little. Marathon training is about the miles, it’s also about keeping running. Running and walking up hills etc takes a little getting used to on trails. Trails are taking a little getting used to. Continue reading “Ultra Training Diary: Getting into the Groove”

A Fab Snack for Runners – Fruity Flapjacks

So tasty any time! These are simple, cheap, and quick to make with the possibility of endless variations. Try with other dried fruit and nuts? Or leave them out and dip in melted choc once they’ve cooled a little? So many choices.

I made these for what should be called #runningclubcakefest2017 and they went down a treat.

Given them a try and let you know if you do a variation on this. Continue reading “A Fab Snack for Runners – Fruity Flapjacks”

Ultra Training Begins …

I’ve done it now. Yep, really done it. I’ve signed up to my first ultra – the Chiltern Challenge 50k with XNRG.

I did this pre-London Marathon thinking I’d build on all the training I’d done for that. But now, after 2 weeks of doing some shortish runs and being on the ‘see food’ diet, I’m not feeling my fittest. The food was good. There was cake.

Since booking, I’ve been in denial. It was only last week I counted the weeks till the day. No, not freaking. No. No, really, I’m not! 10 frigging weeks to go!

So much to do. So little time. So many plans to choose from. I’ve looked at a few and cobbled together something that might work for me. The key theme of all of them is a lot of miles, hitting the trails, and some speed work.

There are two features of this training that give me hope I can do this thing. The first is that easy weeks follow hard weeks so there’s a bit of a break from the inexorable increase in miles which formed the basis of my marathon training.  The second is that walking is not only OK, it’s expected! Continue reading “Ultra Training Begins …”

Tamarind Date Cake – One to Try!

What is it about runners and cake? I was never much of a lover of cake but I have eaten more since I started running than I did in my entire life before running. Combine this with my fondness for trying out recipes that are simple but offer an interesting mix of flavours, here comes Tamarind Date Cake.

This cake is surprisingly light and full of flavour. I got some excellent feedback from my running group at our biannual #cakefest – so give it a try.


Now for the cardamom seeds – if you have a mortar and pestle, use it. It’s not a lot of effort and well worth it for the flavour. If not, use just a small sprinkling of the powdered stuff.


Continue reading “Tamarind Date Cake – One to Try!”

Nutrition and Fuelling for Marathon Day (Part 2)

Post-marathon refuelling the day after. With free pizza for marathon runners from Franco Manca – THANK YOU!

In March, I was lucky enough to be invited to an event hosted by Science in Sport (SiS) on nutrition and fuelling for marathon day. The key lessons from that session can be found here.

Now the marathon is done, I thought it would be useful to update on how it went.

And how it went on the day? I would’ve like a faster time but given a 5k seemed a long way on New Year’s day, I’m happy with the outcome. You can read more here. Continue reading “Nutrition and Fuelling for Marathon Day (Part 2)”

6 Tips for Making Running Stick

Homer-Simpson-RunningI can picture clearly showing up on a spring morning to a beginner’s course … for running. I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous – here were 40 or so people I’d never met.

Included in our instructions, ‘when starting out, talk to someone while you’re running. If you can’t talk, then you’re running too fast.’ WHAT THE [insert expletive here]

I was freaked. ‘What do you mean, talk to people?’ Continue reading “6 Tips for Making Running Stick”

A Case of the Post-Race Lurgy

Image result for cartoon sick runner

It had to happen. The post-race lurgy.

After months of training with only a cold that lasted for a few days, post-race, I’ve succumbed.

I’ve known for a few days though I was in denial. A clear sign I’m getting sick is carb loading – the sort of carb loading you might do in the lead up to a marathon or ultra, only with more cake and no running to be done.

I figure this is pretty normal. After months of training followed by the marathon with 40,000 other folks, I’m bound to pick up something. Continue reading “A Case of the Post-Race Lurgy”

The Post-Race Blues

Image result for post race blues cartoonSo unsurprisingly I had a bit of a case of the post-race blues. Surely someone must have written a poem or a song about this. Haiku anyone?

It’s that feeling you have when you’ve focused all your energy for months on one week, one day, one moment, and then it’s over in a flash. Reality comes back to bite you in the butt.

Don’t get me wrong. It was an amazing day and I loved every second of it. I’ve managed clearly to already forget those moments when running my second marathon hurt and I wanted to cry. At least this time I didn’t want to fall down and die!

But the great thing is after a whole 1 mile recovery run today, I’m now bouncing off walls. So, it’s time to get over it and move on. Continue reading “The Post-Race Blues”

The London Marathon

It was really hurting at this point – I am not feeling good!

Since January 1st, it’s all been leading to this. The London Marathon.

Months of preparation – of long runs, of runs on tired legs, races with bling, almost daily rolling and core, pilates classes and only a few trips to the physio. Tingles down the spine as it gets closer to the big day.

There is something special about running London – with 40,000 people who all have stories to tell, when with a clear line of sight you see thousands ahead of you.

It’s the crowds shouting your name, willing you on especially at those tough moments.

It’s the marshals and supporters from my club.

It’s my running buddy Mary meeting me at mile 21.

It’s the folks along the route offering jelly babies, crackers and cheese sandwiches.

It’s those that make a day of it sitting in their picnic chairs with a lager or glass of wine.

It’s runners supporting each other. Continue reading “The London Marathon”